FAQ -- Frequently Asked Questions

What are our tile products?

They are simply a pattern of mosaic tile arranged in different sizes, colors, and shapes that are affixed to a flexible web backing for easy installation. They are a statement, a personal and special touch to an area of interest in your home.

Medallion •  Medallions are generally a single item distinctive statement for a center piece of a bathroom, entryway, fireplace, hallway, or what have you. They generally come in round, oval, octagon, hexagon, square, and half-round shapes -- however we can make any shape.

•  Listels are generally used for a something long, such as a splashboard, baseboard, or edging of some type. They come in different heights and in three foot sections that can be joined to give the appearance of a continuous border.

Medallion Medallion

Medallion •  Shower Drains are simply Medallions that have a hole in the center for a drain. Because they are flexible, they permit excellent installation and they look great because they bend and adapt to the shower drain depression while still keeping their design. Often using standard square tile requires special cutting to adapt to the depression for drainage, which destroys the overall design. For example, next time you are in a public tiled bathroom, observe the drain -- you'll see what we are talking about. Our shower drains look considerably better.

Custom tile Medallions?

Yes, everything we do is custom. We have no production lines, no pre-set forms, no "run of the mill" items. Every piece, even those with patterns are displayed in our Catalog are custom with regard to color, size and tile type.

Something from a drawing?

Yes, if you can make drawing of what you want, then we can cut tile to match. Keep in mind that these are tile creations and not highly detailed pictures.

How to install your products?

They are very simple to install: just apply your mortar; slide your tile product where you want it; and grout as you would with any other tile. We suggest that our products be installed with a Latex modified mortar, white or grey (or colored to your liking), with a 1/4 inch by 3/16 inch trowel for wall applications or a 1/4 inch by 1/4" trowel for most floor applications.

Are the products durable?

They are very durable -- as durable as any other tile. After all, they are made of tile and have all of the benefits of tile. We have even done outside installation in Michigan and have yet to have a failure even with all the change in temperature and weather.

Can you match our color scheme?

Certainly. We can do this two ways: 1) provide us with the tile and we'll make a custom tile product from your tile; 2) Or, give us some examples of your colors and we'll send you what we recommend in tile -- after which, we can make the product after your approval.

Do you do installation?

Yes, please call to discuss (517) 393-1296.

Can our contractor do the installation?

Certainly, most tilers can easily install our products. In fact, we feel sure that after they see one of our products, they will join the increasing number of contractors who buy directly from us.