Looking for something
unique for your home?

Woman looking at Tile Medallion, Medallions and Listel, Listels Ancient Stones designs and supplies custom stone tile medallions, listels, and other stone products. We can also manufacture your own designs upon request.

Imagine having a distinctive tile medallion in your bathroom, kitchen, hallway, or entryway. Such special touches gives an image of elegance as well as personal satisifaction. What better way to set yourself apart from the crowd than to have a custom tile product signifying your good taste and personal statement. Take a moment and review some of our tile products -- you'll be glad you did.

Do it yourself or have a
contractor install it.

Large Tile Medallion, Medallions Now Imagine that you did this project yourself. It's not that hard to install. With a little work, and our instruction, you can install these tile products wherever you want to make a personal statement. And what will that statement say -- it will say that you not only have the good taste to use custom tile designs, but you also have the ability to install it. Now, that's a statement. Check out how easy it is for you to install our products and make your home into the custom showplace you want and deserve.